The Race Car

#27 in 2009 

Here is the #27 as it sits today. 

  • 2305 lbs wet weight with 1/2 tank of fuel
  • 400 rwhp at 14 lbs of boost.
  • Pulls up to 1.6G in the corners (according to my Trackmate)
  • Runs consistent 1:03’s at Stratotech

The chassis:

  • 1988 Base model RX-7
  • Fully caged and seam welded
  • All delrin bushings
  • Bilstein E production racing dampers with remote reservoirs in the rear
  • Wilwood 13″x1.25″ brake rotors and 6 piston supertlight calipers using “”B” pads
  • Wilwood 3 master cylinder brake pedal system
  • Carbotech Xp8 rear pads in stock calipers and cryo-treated and slotted stock rotors
  • 17×8.5″ Enkei RPF1 wheels with 230/625/17 Yokohama A005 slicks in an s01 compound up front
  • 18×10.5″ Enkei RPF1 wheels with 280/650/18 Yokohama A005 slicks in an s01 compound out back
  • Fiberglass rear widebody overfenders (2″ or so wider than stock)
  • Fiberglass front fenders (1″ wider than stock (still too narrow))
  • Fiberglass and lexan rear hatch
  • Ricer-type rear wing
  • Hillbilly extreme front splitter


  • mix of S4 and S5 parts
  • S5 hardend stationary gears
  • S4 low compression rotors
  • Ported S5 irons and housings
  • Mazdacomp oil pressure reg (100psi)
  • Ported throttle body
  • A-Spec gt35 R T4 turbo kit w/ stainless manifold and Tial 44mm wastegate
  • Tilton dual disk 7  1/4 clutch
  • 3″ exhaust

The Rest

  • G-Force –  Dog engaged, straight cut gear T5 transmission
  • Microtech LT-8 computer
  • Custom wiring and dash
  • ATL 22 us Gallon Sport fuel cell
  • Dual holley low pressure feed fuel pumps
  • Aeromotive “Tsunami” fuel pump
  • Home built 3L surge tank
  • Circle track radiator
  • too small intercooler
  • beat-to-hell stock Turbo II oil cooler

18″ slicks in the rear

Here is the car in it’s current form.  I’ve gone to widebody fenders in the rear to fit the Enkei RPF1 18×10.5″ rims and the 280/650/18 slicks.  I kept the front 230/625/17’s up front, but that needs to change for next year, the car tends to plow a bit when pushed hard.  I also added sideskirts and  lifted the rear wing.  If you look close at the front of the car you can see the supports for the splitter are broken on the right side where Reg Sumaru and I got into each other.  I figured he was going to leave room and he figured otherwise.  I do feel bad about it though, as it destroyed his wheel and knocked him out of the running for a number of laps. 

17″ Slicks all around

Here is the car as it ran the 2008 Indy event.  I’m running Yokohama slicks on all four corners.  The fronts are 17×8.5″ Enkei RPF1 rims with 230/625/17 Yokohama A005 Slicks in an S04 compound.  Rear is 17×9.5″ RPF1’s with 260/640/17 Slicks, also in the S04 compound.  The car was pretty quick with this setup, in fact too fast for the brakes. During qualifying a brake duct bent up, causing the 550 degree Willwood brake fluid to boil. The brakes completely failed and I pitched the car sideways through a corner, hitting another car.  The race ended with me losing 2nd place in a spin and finishing 4th in class. 

17″ wheels out back

Added 17″x9″ rims out back 

Here you can see I’ve swapped on 17″ wheels out back so I can fit the 275/40/17 Toyo RA-1’s. They beat the hell out of the 225 50 15’s for rear grip, but as the boost came up the traction wasn’t enough 

#27 engine and turbo

Turbo and block 

Here’s the engine minus the upper intake with the turbo on it. I changed my mind and went with the S5 rails which made for a neater installation. I’ve since replaced them with the Keith’s rails for the FC, I just had too many issues trying to keep the 1680 cc injectors sealed 


#27 Roller

And Thar she blows, a shiny Turbo II, rolling on some really ugly stock wheels. You can see how nice it is to have the cage in before you paint. 

Painted and suspension on

The car painted and the Mazdaspeed IT2 suspension kit is on the car. It took a while to press in all the new bushings, but I’m hoping the payoff is a very stiff car.. (it was). The rotisserie was awesome for this as well. 

#27 door bars in

Nascar style door bars 

The door bars are in and all I have left is to tie them together and gusset everything in sight. I’d guess we added about 150 lbs in roll cage tubing during the build as the car has now become slightly top heavy in the rotissiere 

#27 cage in

The Next #27 Cage in
Most of the cage has gone in. All That’s missing is the NASCAR style door bars and the gusseting. I mentioned last update that the rotissiere makes seam welding easier, It makes roll cage welding amazingly easy. When you need to do the bottom of a tube, you roll the car over and stand inside. Beats lying upside down with moltem metal dripping on you. 

#27 out of the tank

the seam welded underside 

Here you can see the top and bottom after the alkaline stripping process. You can also see the three days I put into seam welding the chassis 

the seam welded top 

The start of the #27 build

The origin of the #27, a burned out hulk 

Here’s the car when I bought it over five years ago.  Not exactly what I would term Pristine.  You can see it had an engine fire and then was left to rust for a period.  Yes, it was a four bolt GX model. 

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